Time table

Morning sessions

Adults arrive at the centre have refreshments, take part in a morning meeting where we discuss morning activities, each service user chooses an activity of their choice and they are supported in their chosen activity.

After sessions

After lunch, we have a reflection on the morning session before starting the afternoon session.

For who

The service aims to support adults from the with a Disabilities who have Physical, communication, learning and behavioural difficulties. Our service is based on a structure which has a flexibility approach to learning and aims to develop individual abilities, social and independent living skills and to decrease the frequency of anxiety related and obsessive behaviours.


Acti days run 5 days a week from Monday to Friday with two sessions per day. Clients can select which days to attend depending on which activity they like. Services are also available after college and weekends depending on the needs of each individual.


Feel free to contact us to discuss how you can access our services. Payments can be made through

  • Direct payments/ self funding.

  • Direct payment from the local authority.

  • Personal budget and Individual budgets.